European Soccer Leagues future after the announcement of Super League

European Soccer Leagues future after the announcement of Super League


About European Soccer League

About European Soccer League - european soccer leagues

Europe’s top football top clubs have launched a breakaway super league. The announcement of the super league has for sure started a battle for controlling the game and the lucrative revenue that comes with it. Also, people wonder how does European soccer work. The players also need to focus on the European soccer leagues schedule to have an insight into this.

Founding members

The most prominent among the 12 founding members of the league are Real Madrid, Juventus, and Manchester United. The surprising thing is that all these are opposed by Europe’s football governing body, UEFA. On the other hand, UEFA has threatened to ban all the participants from domestic and international competition.

UEFA made a statement regarding this and said that all the concerned clubs would be banned from playing in any other competition at the European, domestic, and world level. Not only this but their players will also be denied the opportunity to represent their national European soccer teams in any of the competitions.

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European Soccer Teams

Other European soccer leagues teams are up for this competition. The other teams include Barcelona and Atletico Madrid from Spain, Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur from England and Inter Milan and AC Milan from Italy.

The only aim for the super league is to have 15 founding members and 20 league members. Along with this, there will be five other clubs who will be qualifying each season.

Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic

Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic - european soccer leagues

Everyone is familiar with the impact of the covid-19 pandemic, especially on sports and European Soccer Leagues. To spend on infrastructure projects and deal with the impact of the covid-19 pandemic, the clubs will be raising the fund of 3.5 billion Euros. But keep this thing in mind that this money will not be used to spend on the players. Besides this, the president of Real Madrid said that they would help football advance to every level and take it to its desired position in the world.

The solidarity payments will be made to the rest of the European football by the league, and this will be more than those offered by UEFA. The payment will be around 10 Billion Euros as the clubs have agreed to the 23 year commitment period.

The first chairman of the super league, who is also the president of Madrid, said that they would help football come up to other sports levels. It is the only global sport left in the world. It has more than 4 billion fans, and consequently, it is the responsibility of the big clubs to respond to their desires. So far, there has been no involvement of any French and German team.

first chairman of the super league - european soccer leagues

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UEFA’s statement

UEFA's statement - european soccer leagues

Besides this, UEFA said that they are thankful to the French and German clubs in other countries who have refused to sign up for this. If the project is announced, we request all the football fans, its supporters, and politicians to join us and help us fight against this. It has been going on for too long, and now it is enough.

Apart from this, France’s President and UK Prime Minister Boris Johson came into its support, supporting UEFA’s position and condemning its breakaway.

Outside of the international football structures, the world football’s governing body FIFA expressed its disapproval of a closed European breakaway league.

Involving the continent’s top teams for decades, there have been reports of a breakaway European soccer leagues competition. Contrary to it, many people see the 1992 reorganization and renaming the UEFA’s top competition from the European Cup to the champions league as an early attempt to stave off a split.

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But presently, there has been an increase in the rumor’s regularity and scope. Last year, in October, the president of Spanish Club Barcelona, Josep Maria Bartomeu, stated that the club had accepted the proposal to join a breakaway league.

It has been admitted by the Spanish league president, Javier Tebas, that Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Liverpool have been pushing for the project for quite a while. But on the other hand, the other clubs in Spain and across the world did not favor the idea.

Both FIFA and UEFA issued a stark warning to the players involved in such a breakaway and warned them that they would ban the players or anyone involved in this following the development.

On Monday, UEFA is planning to sign off its plans to expand and restructure the champions league. This would mean that in this, 36 teams would be involved. Presently there are 32.

Changes made

Rather than the current groups of four clubs, there would be an overhaul of the group stage into a single table. All this is on account of the changes in the European Soccer Leagues. Currently, the teams play six matches, but now they would be playing 10 matches each in the group stage. Before the last 16, a playoff round will also be introduced.

Wrapping up

For the future of the competition and domestic leagues across the continent, these fresh developments can have massive ramifications. Make sure to go through soccer picks before heading towards it. There cannot be any better and reliable source for more information and updates concerning European Soccer Leagues than BetAdrian.

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