Michigan Wolverines Basketball Recap Odds and Best Bets 1

Michigan Wolverines Basketball: Recap, Odds and Best Bets


March’s madness is happening and is just one month away. This time, the entire NCAA tournament is happening at one location, and consequently, it will be a lot different in 2021. The event got canceled in 2020, due to which the player’s enthusiasm will be at its peak. There is much excitement hovering around bettors as they are also eager for the same. All are looking out for the teams which will be making it to the national championship contenders. All will be discussed one by one. Besides this, the trend continues to be ranked third in Michigan wolverines basketball. This article will discuss NCAA picks, NCAA predictions, betting odds, and best bets.


About Michigan’s season’s recap 

This season, Michigan has lost only one game and is heading towards Sunday’s date with Ohio State. Without any doubt, there have been multiple postponements. There’s another reason for the same. People forget that the wolverine’s schedule is stacked at the back end. Still, they have to play the Buckeyes, Iowa, and Michigan state twice. No matter how you slice it, 10-1 is 10-1, and 15-1 is 15-1. The real deal is with this team. There have been top 25 wins that too twice against Minnesota, Northwestern, and Wisconsin. Besides this, the squad of head coach Juwan’s Howard also got blown out when they came face to face with Golden Gophers.

One of the best frontcourts in the nation is the Wolverines with Hunter Dickinson and Isaiah Livers. Franz Wagner is regarded as the best rebounding guard. It is also said that the dominant one can be Michigan wolverines basketball . On average, Dickinson, Livers, and Wagner secured at least 6.1 rebounds and 1.0 blocks per game. There is Austin Davis as well.

It is due to these four only that Michigan wolverines basketball is allowing 64.9 points per game. In the nation’s shooting percentage, they are ranked second at 37.7 trailing only Houston.


Betting odds

michigan wolverines basketball

Presently, Michigan is the third favorite to win it all, irrespective of the sportsbook you use. We will be comparing the betting odds of different sportsbooks here. The Wolverines are at +700, Gonzaga is at +270, and Baylor is at +300 at Fanduel. On the other hand, DraftKings has the Wolverines at +650. Baylor is +250, whereas Zags are at +275.

You can also see the super bowl odds at the big ten tournament. The big ten tournament has regarded Michigan as its favorite at +250. Ohio State, Iowa, and Illinois are considered the best conferences in the country. In this, three teams are at +450.


Top bets 

I would avoid a final four-bet like the plague at even short money bets. It’s pretty clear that the No.1 seed got a virtual bye against no. 16, but still, one has to beat three quality opponents to reach college basketball promised land. It will be much better if the national championship will be played at +700. It is assumed that the wolverines are no. 1, and owing to this; they would not face Gonzaga and Baylor until its semifinals and championship. It is prophesied that Michigan would for sure have a chance against both the teams.

As far as it is about the best bet, then it is a big ten title. Howard’s crew will avoid any severe contender until the semi-finals take place. There is a full possibility that it will avoid Illinois until the conference championship. It will result in a draw, and consequently, Wolverines will have good value.



With all this in mind, people are looking forward to it. They have high hopes for the same. Michigan Wolverines basketball is going to lure people for sure. Tune in to BetAdrian for the same.


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