Watch 2021 NCAA Basketball Tournament Game Online

Watch 2021 NCAA Basketball Tournament Game Online


March madness is going in full swing as it is the chance for the top college basketball teams in the country to bag the 2021 National championship trophy for themselves. The face-off between all of the teams in the NCAA basketball tournament will be quite interesting to watch.

March 14 was kicked off by the annual NCAA Division I Men’s basketball tournament with the selection show. Also, it will run for the straight three weeks in March, leading to the final weekend in April. The Ncaa basketball tournament game will take place on April 5, i.e., Monday.

The number one seeds this year are Gonzaga, Baylor, Michigan Wolverines, and Illinois. The one who hoisted the trophy and emerged as the champions in the 2019 NCAA basketball tournament was the University of Virginia Cavaliers. This happened because the 2020 event got canceled owing to the pandemic.

If you also want to witness the march madness online, then we have bought the three easy for you to stream the NCAA basketball tournament for free. Also, know the tactic to NCAA live stream.

Tickets to march madness 

This time the tournament will take place in Indianapolis. There are only a few single-game tickets available for the show if you want to catch on the action live. In all the games, there will be social distancing in practice. Along with this, there will be a limited number of people in all of the NCAA basketball tournament venues due to the prevailing covid precautions. Ticketmaster can help you select your seats or get the march madness tickets online at sites like StubHub and vivid seats.

On which TV channel can you watch march madness? 

Earlier, it was CBS which was the official home to March Madness on TV.  You can also watch the march madness games live on CBS if you have a cable package in hand.

The other option is to pick up a digital TV antenna for around $30 from Amazon as it will get you CBS along with all the major networks and that too in HD free. This idea will work if you don’t have a cable subscription. This small-looking antenna can fetch you 200 miles of range that can easily pick up all your local stations. It will also easily tuck in behind your TV. You only need to buy the antenna once and can use it for free to watch march madness on CBS.

It is worth noting that the march madness games also air on channels like TNT, TBS, and TruTV. Your digital Tv antenna won’t pick up these channels, and you need to get access to these channels by getting a cable package such as this one from AT&T. You can also stream those options online by using any of the options mentioned below.

Know the way to watch march madness online for free

ncaa basketball tournament

There are three easy ways to watch march madness online absolutely free of cost. Presently all these college basketball streams services will be offering free trials on which you can time your tournament to watch the march madness on it for free. Here are some of the college basketball live stream options for you.

See it on Hulu and live TV 

The best thing will be to sign up on Hulu if you want to watch the march madness games in one place. It is offering live TV channels via its Hulu + live TV deal. Along with this deal, their lineup includes: TBS, TNT, CBS, and TruTV. It will get you quick access to all the online march madness games. To check their service, you can opt for a 7 day free trial to the deal afterward; the price will go up to around $64.99/ month.

Witness march madness on fuboTV

FuboTV is one of the best streaming services for live sports. To get access to CBS, ensure that you get their free 7-day trial along with the channels with post-game coverage like ESPN U, FS1, NBCSN, ESPN, Pac 12 network, and the list goes on. This deal will get you a whole week of free streaming on FuboTV.  Later on, you can sign up for a plan at just $64.99/ month if you want to get more than 100 live channels.

Witness march madness on paramount 

The last option for you to see the march madness online is through paramount +. Avail a free trial of Paramount + to see all the CBS games. You can watch the march madness even on your phone, TV, or computer with the help of a new streaming service, also known as CBS, all access. Keep in mind that the free trial will last for around 30 days only, which means that you can watch the Paramount +’s content even after the tournament is over.

Final say 

You can easily access all these streaming services through your amazon fire TV device. You can also ask Alexa for the other crucial information concerning march madness and ncaa basketball tournament and watch and enjoy the game simultaneously in the comfort of your home. For instance, you can always ask Alexa regarding the top seed in the march madness or ask about all the recent updates and news concerning march madness. Besides this, you can tune in to BetAdrian for all the updates.

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