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Ultimate Guide about NFL Conference Championship


The NFL conference championship 2020-2021 is the most crucial conference these days. It is the second last round of the NFL playoffs. After this conference, there will be super bowl Lv. This article will be apprising you with up-to-date information, news, reports, betting trends, and many more things. This article will get you started on betting. Your betting will determine the champions to head towards the Lombardy trophy in Florida on 7 February 2021. 

Let’s set the stage for the two matches in the NFL conference championship: AFC and NFC championship finals. 

Nfl betting trends 

On Saturday, Green Bay Packers made their way towards the Nfc championship game by securing 32 points over the Los Angeles Rams. The New Orleans Saints were upset by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because the Bucs came through the multiple sports betting sites. Consequently, Tampa Bay won by defeating New Orleans in the match. The betting managers have started serving the NFL odds based on the expected showdown between Bucs and packers. After coming head to head with Drew Brees, Tom Brady is set to confront another future hall of fame in Aaron Rodgers. 

Green Bay’s decision to move to the NFL draft 2020 to pick Jordan Love took the shine off the packers. Because it was thought that the organization was investing in the future, not in the present, and was selling out. Their true intentions are still not clear and will remain a mystery. 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are appearing for the first time in the NFC championship game. The Green Bay Packers scored 10-0 in the game. But Tampa Bay’s defense helped the buccaneers to win with 38-10. The season was finished with Aaron Rodgers scoring 48 TD’s and 5 interceptions and was regarded as his worst performance in 2020. The Bucs marked the closing of the season with an 11-5-0 SU mark. They played 18 games in total. At the same time, the packers finished their season 13-3-0 SU mark. The Green Bay Packers played a total of 17 games this season. 

Now the face-off is between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. At last, it was Tampa Bay’s team effort because they did all the heavy lifting against the saints. 

NFL betting trends: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

In the last 6 games, Tampa Bay Buccaneers are at 4-2 against the spread. 

They are at 6-0 straight up in the last 6 games. 

In the last 5 games on the road, Tampa Bay Buccaneers are at 3-2 against the spread. 

NFL betting trends: Green Bay Packers 

In the last 6 games, the Packers are 4-2 against the spread. 

The Packers are at 6-0 straight up in the last 6 games. 

In the last 5 games at home, they are at 4-1 against the spread. 

Buffalo bills vs Kansas city chiefs

After defeating the Baltimore Ravens, the buffalo bills made their way towards the AFC championship. On securing a 22-17 win over the Cleveland Browns, the Kansas city chiefs also secured their spot opposite buffalo bills. The betting managers have gone to press with the Kansas Chiefs as the home faves, but it depends on the NFL picks. Besides this, the dominant factor rests with Patrick Mahomes, who left the contest owing to his brain injury. It’s now unsure whether he will be seen in the showdown between Kansas and buffalo. This is going to impact the betting significantly. 

In week 6 of this season, bills played host to the chiefs but surrendered to a 26-17 loss. Bills turned out to be 18th overall. The season closed with the bills six straight wins by securing 13-3-0 SU. On the contrary, Kansas City Chiefs finished the season with a 14-2 SU mark. In the first post-season game, Kansas depicted a high level of confidence. Things turned a bit risky when Mahomes left due to his injury, but fortunately, the Kansas city chiefs were saved by Chad Henne. 

It is going to be the first appearance for the Buffalo Bills at the AFC championship. Besides this, the Kansas City Chiefs are set to host the NFL conference championship for the third season. Nfl divisional round results are also exciting. For the best sports and betting experience, you should head towards betAdrian. BetAdrian will make your betting experience easy and pleasurable. 

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