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Betting Trends to be Used in Sports Handicapping

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When doing sports handicapping, there are plenty of different variables to consider. Whenever one is trying to project the winning team, recent records, history, splits, injury reports, analysis, and other statistics can prove beneficial for the bettors.

Along with this, there is another crucial factor in the sports handicapping process, which is trends. For instance, there can be a significant difference between the team’s record to a pitcher’s record during the games in the eastern time zone. As a result, bettors wonder how helpful trends can be to a sports handicapper.

In some cases, they can prove to be of enormous asset to the bettors. But there are times when they prove to be your worst enemy also. So, look at some of the things to consider when determining the valuable trends during sports handicapping.

What are sports handicapping?

Bettors can register themselves at the legal sportsbook and commence with placing their bets. This is the way luck works. You need to develop a handicap betting strategy if you don’t want to pursue your bets by guesses. For sports handicapping, you need to do research and analysis. Commence with finding the information to make an informed decision, look at the sites and resources for additional data. Lastly, use some sports betting analytical tools as well.

This entire process is known as sports handicapping. This will be your first step to a successful sports betting experience. In this, you have to take as much guesswork as you can take out of it. You will not have a stroke of luck against the sportsbooks and the oddsmakers if you are placing bets on a whim. You need to invest your time and work to increase your chances of success.

Why handicap sports?

If you want to save your money from the sportsbooks, you need to do sports handicapping leads. You have no other option than handicapping if you want to win big at betting and increase your chances for the said. But, conversely, you are going to lose without sports handicapping.

But this doesn’t mean that it is going to offer you a return on investment. Ranging from injuries, weather to suspensions, there are plenty of factors that create unexpected scenarios in the minds of the people and bettors. The moment you feel like you have nailed it down, you can still end up being wrong. Consequently, any amount of sports handicapping is better than none. Have a gaze at some of the benefits of sports handicapping:

Increased chances of winning

  • Knowledge of sport
  • Understanding of the factors influencing the game
  • Informed decisions
  • Reduction of luck in your wins and losses


Tips for doing sports handicapping

Precisely, there is no way to do so. Depending on your time and resources, you can make it as much of a process as you want. Here are a few essential steps which are vital to sports handicapping. Have a glance:

Know the odds

To determine whether there has been any action, always check the current lines against the opening lines. If it comes out to be accurate, then you should investigate the same.

Be a newshound

As far as it is about the team, game, or event, one should never skip the news and notes. Besides this, look for the injuries that can impact the game in the long run and the starting lineup and weather, which have higher chances of impacting the game’s outcome.

Know the matchup

For both teams, make sure to go through the offense and defense. Check out if there are any expected advantages of one over the other. Again, you’ll be in a better position if you familiarize yourself with the teams you are handicapping.

Recent history

Go through the performance of the teams in the past to gain an insight into the game. For example, you should know about the recent slide or a winning streak and other team things. Ensure the performance of teams and players in the current contests, and there are chances of you making a better-informed decision.

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Things for determining trends


The very foremost thing you should do upon looking at the trend is the history of that trend. For how long the trend is in effect will tell you about the game. Usually, it goes like this: the larger the sample size, the more legitimate the trend is. Contrary to it. If the sample size is small, then consider the trend to be a mere coincidence.


Secondly, there is validity. It helps you to know whether there is any potential validity behind the trend or a statistical oddity. You need to figure out if the trend makes sense or not or why a specific trend has emerged with a team. For instance, in the past, the Baltimore Orioles had an awful record which was worse than their overall winning percentage. Owing to this, most of the time, bettors ask themselves if there was something special about Sundays or if it is a coincidence. Always keep in mind that the facts can be used to prove everything, especially in sports handicapping.


Before including the trend in the sports handicapping process, you need to check the trend’s relevancy. It is normal to witness a fantastic lifetime record against a specific franchise in baseball. But a slight change in circumstances will make those numbers irrelevant. For years, Roy Oswalt dominated the Cincinnati Reds winning 15 decisions at one point. Not only this, but they also carried a 23-3 career mark in a 2010 playoff game against the reds. But it was far different from Oswalt as he was in the prime of his career. In the first innings of the game, Cincinnati scored four runs off Oswalt.

Some bettors base their bet on the games won by the teams in the past. After this, again, some trends become relevant. There was some trend that genuinely made sense as those teams went up to play on national television. The trend also came out to be true until they started adjusting the lines.

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Tools for sports handicapping

You can make use of the variety of free resources for sports handicapping. There are injury reports, news, and notes roundups that can be used as tools for sports handicapping. Besides this, other things which serve as the tools for sports handicapping are statistics, weather, trends, and line betting movements.

Sports are betting analytic tools also. It can be really daunting for you to go through the ins and outs of sports analytics. However, computer programs are capable of taking an immense amount of information and then breaking it into other models.

Sports handicapping service

Sports handicapping services refer to those services that offer handicapping as a product. They do all the research on your behalf and the other things. So strive for finding the best sports handicapping service to improve your chances of a win.


As so, there is no precise formula for winning and professional sports handicapping. Even the smartest networks creating sports betting analytics cannot predict nearly every outcome, and that too accurately. Consequently, any team can win on the said day. Ensure to go through free sports handicapping picks to avail of the benefits.

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