Super Bowl Betting Odds

Super Bowl Betting Odds: Buccaneers, Rams Amongst Biggest Movers


For most teams, the odds have shifted since super bowl LVI odds were released in February.

Some moves hold the potential to alter the lines across the league- like think of Aaron Rodgers getting traded. Most rosters are close to being finalized.

Consequently, let’s have a glance at the futures odds for the upcoming super bowl betting and learn how they have shifted earlier this year.

Legal super bowl betting odds

With the help of futures wagers, the super bowl betting market stays active all year round. All the sportsbooks will be ready with the odds and lines once the matchup will be official. You can expect to see plenty of movement in the numbers in whatever may be the case.

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NFL super bowl odds and betting


A Moneyline bet is also regarded as a straight bet. It simply means betting on who you think will emerge as the winner of the game. The odds are usually not exact when betting on the Moneyline. Usually, there are favorites and underdogs. The chiefs were at -171 and the Buccaneers around +147 when Chiefs and Buccaneers matched up for the super bowl betting.

A plus sign means that the option is an underdog when comparing NFL odds. Contrary to it, the minus symbol means that the option is a favorite one to win. If you are looking out for the simple one, then the Moneyline betting odds with a + notation are easy to calculate. For instance, a +147 line on the Buccaneers means a $100 wager will give you a profit of $147. It means that a $100 bet would give you a return of a total of $247.

Point spreads

When a sportsbook puts teams against a number that they must win or lose, the bet is point spread bets. People also refer to it as handicap bets. During super bowl LV, it was -3.5 for the Chiefs against the Buccaneers at some sportsbook. The bet would lose if they won by three points and you bet on -3.5.

Over/Under (totals)

If the bettors bet on an over/under or on totals, it means one is not betting on any team. If you place an over bet, you are betting on the combined number of points between both teams.

Bettors need to decide from the number fixed by the bookmaker and have to decide whether the game will be over or under that specific number. Bookmakers usually set the over/under at 55.5 for super bowl betting LV. Besides this, the final combined score of 31-9 will be fixed by the bookmaker for the paid-off bets under.


Placing a parlay bet means you are betting on two or more things. You’ll only be paid in a parlay bet if all your outcomes occur in a given parlay and otherwise not. Your bet will win if you parlayed the Buccaneers with under 55.5. Contrary to it, if you bet on the Chiefs under 55.5, then you’ll lose the bet as it made parlay the losing ticket.

Super Bowl online betting 2021

Betting on the super bowl means that you are betting on the biggest sporting event in the United States. As the top two teams play for the Lombardi Trophy and a spot in history, it is the NFL matchup to watch.

In online sportsbooks, super bowl betting is regarded as the one getting the most action as it is the most-watched event by Americans and fans worldwide. Not only this, but it also generates many opportunities for bettors to earn huge money.

We’ll break down some of the tips on the super bowl bets at online betting sites for all the bettors out there. Along with this, we’ll also tell you about the best bets to make and give you an overview of the betting lines and odds.

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Bucs amongst biggest movers

Without any doubt, it has been the frantic first week of the NFL free agency. The oddsmaker took notice of some clubs being more active than others.

Some of the teams noticed a significant movement in the super bowl futures in the last few days.

Since February, the most notable super bowl line movements are the ones between the Los Angeles Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Over the offseason, the Rams traded longtime starter Jared Golf for Matthew Stafford. Not only this, but they have also re-signed some important players on the defensive side of the ball. Since February, their odds have moved from +2000 to +1200.

In March, the Buccaneers line also improved with confirmation when Tom Brady extended his contract. This led to freeing up some space for the team in free agency. They opened the season at +1200 odds and are now regarded as the second-best favorites behind Kansas City Chiefs so that they can make the super bowl betting next season.

If you wonder about the one with the highest money and ticket percentage at betMGM, then it is none other than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As far as second and third are involved, it is the Chiefs and Denver Broncos but in terms of ticket and money percentage. Earlier this year, the Kansas City Chiefs line dropped from +600 to +450.

For further insight into the super bowl odds for 2021, tune in to Betadrian now as it will give you all the latest news and coverage for online sports betting.

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