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There couldn’t be any better start for 2021 than the super bowl. All the activities related to the super bowl are in full swing as only a few days are left for the game. This time, it is the face-off between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers which is going to take place on 7th February. It is deemed as the second appearance for the chiefs in the super bowl. On the other hand, it is said that the Bucs have made their way to the super bowl owing to the player Tom Brady. There are plenty of interesting things to take place in the super bowl and one such thing is the super bowl squares template. It will add much-needed spice to the event.

Many people are alien to the super bowl squares template but nothing to worry about as we are here to help you. We will be letting you know about the super bowl squares template and the things related to it. Let’s begin then.

How to play squares?

The majority of the people are not familiar with how to play the super bowl squares template. Let’s apprise you first about this only. Follow these step by step to play squares.

The first thing which you should do is to create a betting grid. You have two options: either you create a 100 square sports grids or if you do not want to manually make it, then you can take its print out also as printable super bowl squares are also available at some sites. Apart from this, you can get yourself blank super bowl squares.

Secondly, we have the participants for the super bowl squares template. Each of the participants can pick a random square until the grid gets full.

After this, assign the numbers to the participants. Then you will be assigning the digits to the top row and left column from 0-9. Make use of the random number generator for this. Consequently, an intersection of two numbers will occur and it is going to determine who will win the game.

Lastly, you have to determine the winners. Winners will be decided based on the score at the end of each quarter.

Kinds of templates

After knowing how to play the squares, let’s discuss the different kinds of templates. Besides squares templates, there are plenty of other super bowl squares templates also.

There is an option of a 10 line super bowl squares template also. It is distinct from the set up we discussed above. In this, the winner is decided by adding the total of both the teams at the end of each quarter.

The second option available with the players in the 25 line super bowl squares template. Players are usually less in this than others but at the same time, the chances of winning are higher in this. Each of the squares will contain two numbers in both the columns and rows. It will serve as the best template if you have fewer players to play.

Lastly, we have the super bowl 50 squares template. In this, one team will be having one number and the other will be having two numbers. It is regarded as the best one when the crowd is less but odds for winning are higher in this.

How to choose the correct template?

It is fun and easy to choose a perfect super bowl squares template for you. As such, there is no standard best template. It depends on a variety of factors. For instance, if the crowd and participants are large, then the 100 squares grid will be helpful. On the contrary, if the participants are few, then according to the number of participants, you can choose from a 10, 25, or 50 line grid squares template.

Besides this, it also depends on the stakes. If someone wants higher stakes, then the classic grid will be best. Otherwise, if you want an easy win, then you can opt for a 25 or 50 line squares grid.

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Which is the best grid?

You can either make the grids manually or you can print out the grid. You can easily find ready-made grids online. These grids are the best for those persons who don’t want to waste their time. Another option for you is to make your customized grid on the computer. By customizing, you can use your color, logos, and symbols. It will seem professional than others and will also generate sales appeal. Hand made grids can also be used but it is old fashioned now. It depends on your discretion how you want your grid to be.

Interesting ways to play super bowl squares

super bowl square template

One way to play super bowl squares is to pay out the reverse of winning numbers. A payout is made whenever the score changes. This ensures multiple winners.
Another way is to issue prizes for squares touching the winning ones. A perfect strategy is required here on the player’s part. It also makes the game interesting.

Online super bowl squares contest

There is no doubt in this that the super bowl is the big game. The majority of people prefer to play online by sitting at their homes. And it is possible also. There are ample opportunities now to play online. Some specific sites offer the super bowl squares contest online. The sites to which you can look up for online contests are Bet now, BetUS, and my bookie.

For sports lovers, the super bowl is not less than any festival and it is a great opportunity to celebrate like anything. Big prizes and high payouts will be there.


The super bowl LV has something to offer everyone. You can also customize your super bowl event for 2021 according to your will and have fun at its best. For more detailed knowledge on this, tune in to BetAdrian.


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