Warriors vs Nets

Top Daily Sport Picks for NBA Opening Night


NBA opening night is tonight!!! The Nets are playing the Warriors at 7:00 pm ET and the Clippers take on the Lakers at 10:00 pm ET. These two match-ups have it all: intrigue, rivalry, superstars comeback. It was definitely wise to schedule these four teams to open the 2020-21 season.

The Nets have their their two super star players back: Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Irving is an elite player that can change any game. Durant is a lethal scorer and he will now be playing not as Stephen Curry’s teammate but as the rival, and since he has been away for long, we anticipate a lot of intrigue and motivation for this game. However, the Nets have a new squad and

The historic rivalry story comes later tonight with the two LA teams facing each other. LeBron James continues to be king. He keeps getting better at shooting, passing, and defending, and he is paired up with no other than Anthony Davis!!! If we want to talk about the highest level, well that’s LJ and AD.

That is why these are our picks for tonight:

Warriors vs Nets
at 7:00 pm ET
Warriors +7.5 /
Game Total Under 232.5
Lakers vs Clippers
at 10:00 pm ET
Lakers -3.0 /
Game Total Under 219.5


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  • Warriors vs Nets
  • Warriors vs Nets
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